Expert Reviewer Program

The Osteopathic Medical Board of California Expert Reviewer Program is an impartial and professional means by which to support the investigation and enforcement functions of the Board. Specifically, expert reviewers assist the Board by providing expert reviews and opinions on Board cases and conducting professional competency exams, physical exams and psychiatric exams.

Requirements for participating in the Board’s program are:

  • 1. Possess a current California medical license in good standing; no prior discipline; no Accusation pending; no complaint history within the last three years;
  • 2. Board certification in either one of the:
    • 29 AOA primary specialties and/or 77 subspecialties
    • 24 ABMS specialties (the American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, the American Board of Pain Medicine, the American Board of Sleep Medicine and the American Board of Spine Surgery are also recognized)
    With a minimum of three years of practice in the specialty area after obtaining Board certification;
  • 3. Have an active practice (defined as at least 80 hours a month in direct patient care, clinical activity, or teaching, at least 40 hours of which is in direct patient care); and
  • 4. Must be willing to testify.

Participating physicians and surgeons are reimbursed $150 per hour for conducting case reviews and oral competency exams, $200 an hour for providing expert testimony, and usual and customary fees for physical or psychiatric exams.

If you are interested in providing expert reviewer services to the Osteopathic Medical Board of California, please mail a completed application to the address provided below. Include a current curriculum vitae and a written statement telling the Board why you would like to participate in the program.


  • Machiko Chong, Program Analyst
    Expert Reviewer Program
    1300 National Drive, Ste. 150
    Sacramento, CA 95834
  • Phone: (916) 928-7636
  • Email: